• Waterproof Swimmer Book by Thomas Denes

A lifetime of workouts in one waterproof book!

A tongue-in-cheek self-paced workout book for swimmers and triathletes contains a lifetime of swimming workouts.

The book contains an amusing narrative as well as 40 pages of workouts cut into three segments. The first segment contains a warm-up, the second a main set, and the third a cool down. Swimmers can create different workouts by flipping the segments.

The pages can be configured into more than 13,000 workouts. In other words, if the book is used three days a week, it would take more than 80 years before the same workout is repeated.

The book also offers advice on drills and swim racing techniques using a lively coach/swimmer dialogue.

  What a great gift for the swimmer on your list!

Waterproof Swimmer Book by Thomas Denes

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