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FINA approved.

Our Lightest, Most Flexible Suit for the Highest Ride in the Water. Developed for strong kicks, long distances, and fast finishes. Focused on maximum flexibility, PURE VALOR promotes a greater range of motion and core stability through specially layered fabric for better performance at every race. The next generation of fast is here. 

Lightweight Construction

Moderate Compression- Moderate compression and construction designed to support a greater range of movement

Compressive Inner Leg Seam- compressive inner leg seam designed for greater muscle support

New leg and waistband finishes- new and improved leg and waistband finishes engineered to reduce water ingress

Bonded seams- flat bonded seams and improved finishes for optimal hydrodynamics


Speedo Pure Valor Jammer-Black

  • Brand: Speedo
  • Product Code: 7725002
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  • $365.00

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